My experiences in Argentina were almost too wonderful to be able to put into words. I was utterly speechless by the beauty and wonder that our world possessed, and I feel absolutely blessed to have been given the opportunity to take this trip. We experienced the Iguacu Falls in so many ways, getting to go... Continue Reading →


GT Flash Lab

This year in Innovation Diploma we've been doing a lot of branding/rebranding, networking, and overall development work in order to better define ourselves as a design firm. But, along with these different tasks we developed a total of 4 different flash labs that we then lead the iD freshman through, and ultimately the entire freshman... Continue Reading →

3-Day Startup 2017

       The 3-day startup program was a very short, but intense, program focused on becoming an entrepreneur and/or creating a new business. Usually, this program is done with a group of around 40-50 college students, but in our case, only students who are a part of Innovation Diploma were invited to participate. This... Continue Reading →

Oh My, how 6 weeks go by…

For the past 6 weeks of Innovation Diploma (iD), while in groups of 3-4, the Gates Cohort has been completing 2 week long modules that have taught us about how to use all of the different tools in the Hive. The three modules consisted of a microelectronics round,  a material shaping and joining round, and... Continue Reading →

Oh what WONDER this WEEK has been…

After taking, evaluating, and debriefing the GALLUP StrengthsFinder test with the rest of my Innovation Diploma (iD) Cohort, I learned many new things about myself and my teammates. One thing that I learned was that my teammates saw many strengths in me that I had not previously seen in myself.I had always thought that people... Continue Reading →

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